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Posted by on Jan 31, 2014 in Mindfulness & Meditation | 0 comments

Children’s Meditation for EveryOne

Children’s Meditation for EveryOne

 Meditation is a powerful adeptness for anyone and we are learning that when we practice meditation and mindfulness as children, the collective ripples on a physical, emotional and universal level are profound.

On a physical level, scientific studies have found that meditation:

* increases levels of immunity

* prevents and/or reduces cancer and autoimmune disorders

* improves hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders

* alleviates respiratory disorders and digestive problems

* reduces the severity of asthma and panic attacks

On a mental and emotional level, experts have found that meditation:

* encourages a healthy sense of self

* promotes well being and self-esteem

* remedies bullying

* reduces submission to negative peer pressure

* increases focus, concentration and problem solving skills

* fosters awareness and creativity

* instills connection, understanding, and compassion

On a Universal level, many believe that meditation is a large part of the solution for world peace.

When we are at peace with ourselves and no longer fighting a physical, mental, or emotional war, we can be true peacemakers within our world.

Children’s Meditation is much more expansive than one might suppose. Young children naturally reside in a theta brainwave state so they are meditative. This natural state can be altered though through lifestyle choices such as food, media, prescription drugs, etc. But children have not yet accumulated the many layers of protection that we have as adults as a result of negative life experiences. Meditation nourishes a child’s sacred relationship with Source and Authentic Self allowing them to grow up without the need to create a restricted fear-based life story.

When we translate Children’s Meditation into an adult experience by sitting with children, the reflective value is auspicious because it inspires us to sit with that part of ourselves.

Oftentimes our inner child is quiescent beneath the layers we have fabricated. Awakening the child within allows us to heal old wounds, release fears that are no longer useful, and reconnect with a wonderfully playful part of ourselves.

Integrating the authentic expression of our inner child into our adult lives guides us to remember what truly makes us happy. When we remember who are on a soul level a shift takes place. We begin to play more, trust more, and restore our sense of wonderment. Our lives become infused with joy, love and contentment.

The cry for us to listen and unite with our ‘children’ is so apparent as we witness the proliferation of childhood discontentment, dis-ease, and violence. When we become fully present with our ‘children’ and embody the fullness of who we are, we become the impetuses for profound shifts within ourselves, our families, our communities, countries and within our world.

“When we gift Presence to ourSelves and others we create MIRACLES.”

~ Cynthia Dawn

The practice of Children’s Meditation is a lighthearted approach that is a uniquely fun adventure for everyone whether we are new to meditation or have been practicing for many years. Entering this space of stillness through our inner child creates a balance of peace and joy ~ a Harmonious Existence Remembered.


(as published in Rebelle Society April 4, 2013)

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