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Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in General, Mindful Parenting, Mindfulness & Meditation | 0 comments

A Kid’s Revolution

A Kid’s Revolution

Let’s ignite a Kids Revolution
A detour from the delusion
Where no child is left behind
In a world where
Kids are celebrated, not just tolerated,
But elevated
As the gift they are in every season.
For every reason create a society where
We listen, hear, and do not fear
But believe
Their words, wisdom, screams, cries, and reactions
Rather than squash their dreams, stuff their emotions,
And drug their imperfections.
Let’s start a Kids Revolution
Where corporations and jobs
Acknowledge and respect
That children are here rather than
Pretending, offending
With their never ending
Job demands that leave our latchkey
Children left out.
Let’s ignite a Kids Revolution
Where schools notice and support
Individuality, creativity, and the positivity
Of coloring outside of the lines
And not seeing the box
That imprisons the adult mind.
Let’s ignite a Kids Revolution
Where the spirituality movement
Resolves to also include our children
In the conversation, meditations, and transformation
Of consciousness
On the journey of highest potential
Because maybe just maybe they are the teachers.
Let’s start a Kids Revolution
Where the collective is willing to
Hear their roar, ask for more, and see them soar
Higher than we ever dreamed imaginable.
Let’s ignite a Kids Revolution where
Families are cohesive and even releasive
Where teens, tweens, toddlers and babes
Know they are loved, safe, sound
And their inner child not bound
But free to Be.
Yes Lets start a Kids Revolution NOW.
~ Cynthia Dawn


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