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About Our Project


Ghana by © Julia Liebisch-Pesch


There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.
– Nelson Mandela


We live in a time when our world is full of stimulation on so many levels and our children are experiencing this at a higher intensity then ever before. Our being ‘plugged in’ technologically combined with the incessant movement of busy schedules, and the inner push to  ‘do’  creates a life disconnected. Disconnected from each other, disconnected from our synchronistic rhythm and our natural world ~ disconnected from our organic selves.

stones on beach in NiceHarmoniousKids is an information sanctuary for parents, families, teachers, therapists, caregivers, professionals and anyone who wishes to explore the benefits of Mindful Living. Our vision is to inspire connection, compassion, authenticity, and aliveness through the genres of classes, workshops, camps, talks, curriculum, articles, audios, videos, and other meaningful experiences.

We are committed to teaching skills for personal ease and growth and holding space space for self-investigation and discovery. It’s our intention to offer experiences for kids and adults to thrive and not merely survive. There is a highest potential of ourselves just beyond the layers of strong emotions and less than optimal internal programming. Our programs are created as a guide to this space of harmonious living that exists within each of us.

It is our belief that an elevated quality of  ‘presence’ is essential for any harmonious relationship.

“When we gift presence to ourselves and others we create miracles. ”
-Cynthia Dawn

HarmoniousKids holds that the vibe of our project will not only stimulate your mind but also nourish the seeds of your heart and soul. May you embrace all that is resonant and mindfully set free that which is not – there are many paths to be walked and ALL of them lead Home .