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Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation



“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

-Viktor E. Frankl




Mindfulness and Meditation are a powerful adeptness for anyone and we are learning (remembering really) that when we have this modeled to us as children the reverberations are profound!

On a physical level, scientific studies have found that meditation:

  • increases levephoto by Amy Fountainls of immunity
  • prevents and/or reduces cancer and autoimmune disorders
  • improves hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders
  • alleviates respiratory disorders and digestive problems
  • reduces the severity of asthma and panic attacks

On a mental and emotional level, experts have found that meditation:

  • encourages a healthy sense of self
  • promotes well being and self-esteem
  • remedies bullying
  • reduces submission to negative peer pressure
  • increases focus, concentration and problem solving skills
  • fosters awareness and creativity
  • instills connection, understanding, and compassion

On a Universal level many believe that meditation is a large part of the solution for world peace. When we are at peace with ourselves and no longer fighting a physical, mental, or emotional war ~ we can ‘be’ true peacemakers within our world.

photo by Alison HarbaughAccording Dal J.Siegel of UCLA, author of The Developing Mind, over 600 studies have been done on the results of mindfulness practice. Recent research, supports the view that mindfulness practice leads to structural changes in the brain that support the development and enhancement of qualities of kindness, patience, compassion and attunement to others, increased executive function, better impulse control and longer attention span.

Furthermore, current neuroscience research supports the conclusion that when parents and teachers practice mindfulness, children, through their highly attuned mirror neuron systems, may neurologically mirror the adults in their environment. This leading to enhanced brain development and an increase in the positive qualities mentioned above. Recent neuroscience research supports the benefits of parental mindful presence for children’s development.