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is a multi-dimensional story of adversity and triumph, war and peace. On one level it recounts the Mexican peoples rise from the ashes of oppression. On another it is a healing love story about finding your inner song and the journey to living in Sacred Balance.


When Napoleon III’s French Army invades Mexico in 1862, so are the protagonists forced to protect and nourish themselves, excavate their true identity, and marry the paradoxical truths of past and present, masculine and feminine, lightness and darkness.

Viola, a young mestizo woman, enslaved at the Hacienda Manzanilla is stifled by the oppression that envelops her in an economically and spiritually depleted Mexico post War of the Reform. A grief stricken and anxious Viola is fostered by the ancient wisdom of her grandfather, a Mayan elder who lives in a nearby indigenous village. Out of rhythm with society and her peers, Viola spends much of her time deep in contemplation either in nature or encapsulated in a world she must keep secret—her world of literacy. Viola has been taught to read at a time when education is prohibited for a woman of her social orientation.

When Viola meets Octavio, the son of a decorated, deceased war hero who is bequeathed the duty of a Zapotec warrior, her fortified existence is disrupted. Their divergent ideals mingle as tension and conflict from the imminent Battle of Puebla spirals around them. They are thrust into a multidimensional journey of discovery, forgiveness, healing, love, and transformation.

Indigena is a timeless story of adversity and triumph, war and peace. Grounded in factual detail and effervescent with metaphor, this story of Cinco de Mayo fuses real life historical figures with palpable fictional characters to recount the Mexican peoples’ rise from the ashes of oppression.