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Posted by on Feb 8, 2014 in Learning Adventures | 0 comments

Creating a Mind Jar

Creating a Mind Jar

A Mind Jar is a great visual tool to help children and adults understand Mindfulness. It symbolizes just how busy our minds and bodies can be with thought and sensation much of which goes unnoticed.

We often make Mind Jars in class. I invite kids to share emotions or sensations that we can potentially feel with our bodies and minds. Their replies may be experiences like ‘excitement’, ‘sadness’, ‘anger’, ‘fidgety’, ‘nervous’, ‘sleepy’, or ‘jumpy’. We add glitter for each answer they offer (I do try to have different colors). I explain that our minds can be very busy as I shake the jar. Then I share that if we can just become still it settles. I set the jar down and we watch the glitter settle together.

Mind Jars are great to have at home or in class. When a child (or adult) needs calming he or she can shake the mind jar and watch and breath while it settles. For an added effect you can use glitter glue. Its thicker consistency causes the glitter to settle more slowly.

In Harmony,

Cynthia Dawn

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