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Mindful Parenting

by Cindy Wallach

 “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”

– Mother Teresa



When we are able become fully present with our children and whatever may be happening in a given moment we incline toward choosing to ‘respond’ to them with clear perspective and loving connection rather than ‘react’ to them from unhelpful and sometimes detrimental internal programming and fear. When we choose to practice Mindfulness in our lives with our children, we create mutually respective and harmonious relationships rooted in compassion, trust, authenticity, and well being.

Being mindful as a parent can certainly be challenging at times. It requires a bit more energy and a willingness to explore what may be outside of our comfort zone yet this expansion of heart and mind is also the most meaningful and deeply profound work we can do for ourselves, our family, and our world.

“Mindful Parenting is a lifelong practice. It means you become less attached to outcomes and more mindful of what’s unfolding in your life and your children’s lives. Mindful parenting is about moment-to-moment, openhearted and nonjudgmental attention. It’s about seeing our children as they are, not as we want them to be. We let everything that unfolds in life be the curriculum for our parenting—because it is—whether we like it or not.”

–  Jon Kabat Zinn