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Posted by on Jan 30, 2014 in Mindful Parenting | 0 comments

Speaking Compassionately

Speaking Compassionately

Words are alive and a powerful energetic exchange! They have the potential to initiate war or inspire peace ~ and the charge we receive from words spoken to us and through us shapeshift our reality.

Quite simply, words carry a sound vibration that interacts with the world around us. There is a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual response for every word spoken. The vibration elicits a response within our physical bodies, our minds and our multi-dimensional world. Sound healing, music therapy, and even whale and dolphin communication are synchronistic with this notion.

Words and the tone in which they are spoken can be healing or they can be toxic. We leave some conversations feeling elevated while we leave others feeling heavy or even ‘beaten’ down. Verbal abuse is as hurtful and scarring as physical abuse though not as easily measured.

The amazing work by Masaru Emoto gives us a visual as shows the effects of words over water molecules. It shows us how words actually change the molecular structure of water molecules.

Masaru Emoto Water

The average adult human body is composed of 50-65% water. And the percentage of water in children is even higher with infants typically having about 75-78% water in their bodies and toddlers around 65%. Just for a moment Imagine the profound effect that words have on all of us-quite astounding, right? It is undeniable that the spoken word shapes our lives, defines societies, and actually creates this world in which we live.

Our voices are powerful instruments that we carry with us every day. Thanks to Emoto we can understand from a scientific perspective just how significant it is to speak compassioanately and choose words that elevate ourselves, our families, and our world as a whole. May we collectively choose to be instruments of empowerment and kindness.


In Harmony,

Cynthia Dawn

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