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The Intention Tree

***The Intention Tree is a book and creative project for home, school, groups, or events.


The Story ofthe intention tree cover-photo the Intention Tree

The Intention Tree © was inspired while my 2 1/2 year old daughter and I were on a morning nature walk. It was the Holiday season and I wanted to create a meaningful and authentic gift for some special families. Inspired through the gifts of nature, the Intention Tree seed took root.

My daughter and I gathered sticks and branches from the frozen ground, put them in our treasure bag and headed for home. The Intention Tree took on a life of its own as we transformed a mason jar into a vase, right sized the tree limbs then mindfully arranged them in the mason vase. Next we created small ornamental tags using my daughter’s art paper, watercolor paints, colored pencils, stamp pads and hemp string. We hung 13 tags on the limbs and I wrote the verse that is the content of this book.

We packaged the trees and included a paper that suggested that the recipient consciously record their personal and/or family intentions for the upcoming year on the tags and place them onto the branches. The responses we received from those who were gifted these little trees as well as our own experience was wonderfully powerful! The Intention Tree was clearly a beautiful instrument for positivity, co-creation, empowerment, and manifestation. The power of partnership between heart and mind is truly awe-some!

Creating Intention Trees has become a meaningful family ritual for us. We have created them in a variety of ways and in numerous environments from homes to classrooms, workshops, festivals, and conferences. We use everything from living trees, raw materials, eco-paints, beeswax crayons, watercolor pencils, crystals, sea glass, shells, hemp paper and whatever else wants to be of service.

Our family still creates a personal Intention Trees each year mindfully embracing the process and many friends have begun creating them in their own way. And so the Intention Tree lives on and continues to channel the gifts of hope, positivity, empowerment, and love.

As the Intention Tree process continued to flow it also wanted to be a book. And so it is! My daughter created these beautiful illustrations at age 8 from her own mind with authentic expression.

It is our hope that you feel the vibe and are inspired to create an Intention Tree for yourself, your family, classroom or event and share with others.

May we all continue to grow in Peace, Wellness, Hope and Loving Intention.

Cynthia Dawn and Laila Grace

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!” ― Maya Angelou