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Holistic Education


“Educating the Mind without educating the Heart is no education at all.” 

– Aristotle

Every child is unique and has his or her own way of learning. Some are highly visual, and others auditory or kinesthetic. We all have our gifts and for that reason HarmoniousKids embraces a Whole Child approach to learning. By honoring the individuality of our children and also allowing them to discover knowledge through all of the sensory organs more equality is created – and it’s just more fun!

HarmoniousKids also believes in nourishing the mind, body, spirit,and soul within education and life in general. Children are moral beings and it is vital that we honor them in their fullness. Holistic Education is vital for children and their intrinsic need for emotional support, positive character development mentoring, creative expression, healthy physical movement and vasts amounts  of outdoor experiential time in nature.

We are muti-dimensional beings and when the full spectrum of who we are is embraced-we experience more contentment, wholeness and harmony within our lives-we come alive!