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Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in Mindful Parenting | 0 comments

What is Love?

What is Love?

It’s February – the month of LOVE – and if we contemplate – ‘What is LOVE’ we know that answer is infinite. Love is integral and vital – we know it when we feel it but to contain such grandiosity within the conceptual world of words is not possible.  Yet the more we articulate our experiences in celebration of Love and its many forms perhaps the pulsation will continue to expand its omnipresence.

When I became a mother I experienced Love in such a deeply pure and profound way that it was and remains to be life-changing. The bond is nothing short of miraculous. In being present with my daughter my own level of understanding of Love continues to evolve and deepen. In this moment of being a Mindful mOM I am reminded that awareness and right action nourishes this sensation we call Love.

reminds me to listen – really listen to not only to her verbal expression but to also be aware of her nonverbal conversation. As parents, we are quite adept at responding to the nonverbal when our children are in utero or babies yet when our children grow beyond the pre-verbal years and begin to talk we tend to rely only on the spoken word without paying attention to the nonverbal communication. I remind myself that the spoken word is an enhancement to the nonverbal not a replacement.

is a gentle nudge for me to remain open to her expressions that may be inconvenient, unforeseen, or even undesirable. I hold the belief that our children come into the world with gifts and wisdom of their own. It is our ‘work’ as loving parents to guide them into their authenticity not push them into what we need them to be. 

is the prompt for me to check in with the voice that I am using while speaking with her. Does it come from a deep place that is of clear perspective or am I looking through a lens of bias, expectation or even personal wound. Words carry energy as does our tone and the intention beneath the words. There is a full spectrum of communication in any transmission and our children are deeply tuned in to this energetic vibe. It is my life’s journey to speak from a harmonious place of compassion, fairness and empathy for both her and myself.

is for embodiment – living fully within my temple of human experience and embodying the ideology of which I speak. I know that what I model to her is far more impressionable and powerful than what I talk about.

So in my day-to-day relationship with my daughter I offer her this multi-dimensional LOVE. I also honor that I too am human and am gentle with myself when my own ideals are not met because that is also valuable modeling.

We all have the capacity to fully Be Love.
May it be so.


In Harmony,
Cynthia Dawn

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