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Who is Cynthia Dawn ?


ceiba tree, belize“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”. -Joseph Campbell


cindy-mayan ruinsHi, my name is Cynthia Dawn or simply “Cindy”. Welcome to our virtual home space ~ I feel grateful for your presence. Like all of us there are many equal parts that create the whole of my life. I live and breathe daily as a Woman, Mother, Lover, Daughter, Sister, and Friend. I’m the Creator of Harmonious Kids, Author, a Mindfulness Instructor with Mindful Schools, Plant-based Food Mentor, and Homeschooler. I have a deep passion and love for children, animals, nature, travel adventures, walking barefoot, spirited music, holistic wellness, soulful people and present moments.

I am deeply inspired by being a Mom. When I gave birth to my daughter I re-birthed myself. It is a miraculous gift and initiation into a realm of Love that is pure and expansive.

Laila and I jumping

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ”

― Elizabeth Stone

HarmoniousKids is a creation for me to share with others my own life experiences and insights through the lens of mindfulness and harmonious living. When we are willing to explore our internal landscape, the quality of relationships in our external world are  realigned. And this is true for children as well as adults.

Harmonious Kids is a project committed to teaching skills for personal ease and growth. It is our intention to offer experiences for kids and adults to thrive and not merely survive. There is a highest potential of ourselves just beyond the layers of strong emotions and less than optimal internal programming. Our programs are created as a guide to this space of harmonious living that exists within each of us.

For me there is no greater service than to impart my deep love for the children in our world. There are many elements that I feel are essential in propagating harmony within our lives and the lives of our children. In my experience I am my best Self when I simply slow down and notice my moment-to-moment experience. There is an internal shift – an attunement to the natural rhythm of my soul – that allows me to drop in and be fully present in my life. The result is a reverberant sense of awareness that carries the potential for peace, contentment, equanimity, gratitude, and happiness. The same is true for children.

Laila and Cindy-beach in Nice Mindfulness and Meditation is a heart-centered tradition that invites us to explore our own internal landscape and its connection to our external world. This inner knowledge is a compass for living a life in harmonious connection. I am deeply grateful for my Mindfulness and Meditation practice- it is the single most precious gift to mySelf. And for the science minded, there is an abundance of compelling research that proves the expansive physical, emotional, and mental Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation. 

Also vital for the harmony of our children is our willingness as adults to perceive their unique individuality and respond by gently guiding them down a sustainable path. This can be challenging at times and definitely requires an intimate connection with our children and our Selves. We as humans often live on auto – pilot and make decisions based on how we were raised, societal and cultural expectations or acting out what we think we ‘should’ do or be rather than making authentically inspired choices. Mindful Families are grounded in loving connection and presence with an inclination toward being open, discerning, responsive, and supportive to present conditions rather than living from past programming. Of course this is an ongoing life process and we advocate being gentle with ourselves and others as we navigate our journey.

IMG_5728On subject of education my family has made the decision to homeschool. In truth it was not something I ever saw myself doing until the very moment I knew it was exactly what was best for us. Now together we share beautiful Learning Adventures and my daughter is thriving. Whether you are a home schooling family, an educator, a therapist or someone who is seeking creative ways to connect with children, these collaborative experiences are fun and meaningful to share together at any time.

Nutrition and Wellness is a fertile conversation these days and no one is more affected than our children. It is clear that we live in a5 world where it is invaluable to take charge of our own well-being and to also advocate for our children. Since there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution in this realm – education, discernment, courage, perseverance, and like-minded community serve us well.

I know how deeply challenging it can be at times to honor and nourish the many essential parts of mySelf while in the vortex of day to day living. In my process of forgetting and remembering – one thing I know for sure is that self-care is a super food! When I tend to my own well-being and live a life in balance – I feel a rapturous vibe at a soul level that I call Harmonious Existence Remembered or HER. HER is that sacred space of Harmony and Bliss that exists within each and every one of us.

We at HarmoniousKids believe our children are infinitely valuable resources, wise teachers, and precious gifts. The realm of childhood personifies joy, wonderment, liberation, and loving connection. We have much to learn from them. In choosing to live in Mindful Awareness we create a reverberant Harmonious Vibe within our ourselves, our children and our world.

Laila's eye refelection of meMy daughter is my precious partner in this project and her wisdom radiates throughout HarmoniousKids. When I look into her eyes, I feel hope, love, divinity and a sacred sense that all is well with the world. May it be so.


In case you are curious, I am a long time mindfulness and meditation practioner and have studied with Jon Kabat Zinn, Natalie Goldberg, Baba Hari Daas, Mindful Schools, Iyanla VanZant, Sarah Valley, Shambhala Meditation Center, and Vegan Fusion. Living on A Holistic Vibe has been my path for much of my adult life and am learning more about what that means everyday.

Indigena-imageIn addition to creating HarmoniousKids, I am also the Author of Indigena: A Novel Celebrating the Spirit of Cinco De Mayo, and founder of The Children’s Meditation Propagation Project, The Intention Tree Project and Harmonious Existence Remembered.

Thanks for dropping in and I hope we connect again soon!

In Harmony,

Cynthia Dawn